About us

SpeakerCentral provides high quality content – insights, analysis and inspiration through its partnerships with eminent speakers and influencers across diverse genres, from India and around the world.

Clients choose us for our holistic approach to content, which ensures that your program objectives are met through a thorough understanding of the event, and what you hope to achieve through a session with one of our experts. Whether they are titans of industry, war heroes, sports stars, or specialists on motivation and leadership, our speakers are unparalleled, and their expertise will secure the success of every event. In the short time that SpeakerCentral has been operational, it has established links with premier industry bodies, educational institutions, government agencies, well established corporate clients and event management companies across India.

Holistic solutions

Our event representatives are the most knowledgable in the business, who will work with you to curate the most effective speaker solution for your event. We are content partners, dedicated to finding the speaker most suited to your objectives, while factoring in every circumstance of importance. Our event managers are available to our clients round the clock, and their meticulous approach to planning and attention to detail, ensures the safe and timely arrival of the speaker in question.
We pride ourselves on seamless execution, constantly striving to ensure the most rewarding experience possible, during your interaction with us.

Our values

Our ongoing effort is to forge successful partnerships based on complete trust with both our speakers and clients. We believe that our sincerity and commitment to excellence shines through every endeavour, and that is what fosters goodwill and repeat business. We nurture our relationships through a culture of transparency and integrity, ensuring that our representatives reflect this work ethic. We aim to be content partners in the truest sense of the term, enabling the dissemination of information and inspiration, through the lively and uplifting sessions of our eminent influencers. We wish to set the standard in our industry as a hub of ideas, and as such our associates keep a finger on the pulse of the world.