Runjhun Gupta

Runjhun Gupta

Founder, ZipOut & Celebrity fitness expert

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Runjhun Gupta started ZipOut to help people lead happier lives. A mission to alleviate stress and the risks associated with it, moved Runjhun to set up a dance and a fitness academy, which focuses on celebrating life.  A student of the renowned Tanushree Shankar and Anand Shankar Dance Academy, Runjhun is a celebrity fitness expert and passionate speaker, who left a lucrative career in corporate finance to set-up ZipOut.

ZipOut provides fun and interactive therapeutic dance classes. It caters to the corporate sector and also functions at the retail level, doubling as an academy which hones the skills of passionate dancers. ZipOut’s unique corporate programs curb work-related stress and increase employee engagement. The academy has touched more than ten thousand lives in retail and over a hundred thousand lives at Raahgiri through an outdoor fitness program called the ZipOut FitFest.  ZipOut’s mandate is to advance the physical and emotional fitness of every member, and in 2014, it won the award for the best dance institute in Delhi, NCR.

Runjhun is a dance form designer whose programs – ‘Curvit – Get curvy and be fit’ and Feel Beautiful’ have enabled clients to transition to a happier, confident and more positive self. She is collaborating with gyms to introduce her personally designed programs, which are slowly replacing other international fitness workshops. A true #MakeinIndia star,  Runjhun has received media coverage from HT City, The Economic Times, Financial Times, FEMINA, HT Live, Business World,  Noidan Way, Zee TV, India TV and Total TV. She is also a speaker of repute who has inspired diverse  audiences with her life’s story.

An alumnus of CBS, Delhi University, and IIM Calcutta, Runjhun has encouraged both students and corporate clients, to embrace their dreams and to be authentic. Runjhun is the recipient of numerous awards and titles, including the prestigious ‘Young Successful Entrepreneur’ which was bestowed on her by the Union Railway Minister. She was also voted the “Youth Star” by Radio One in early 2017. She has received the Star Alumnus award from the College of Business Studies and was among the ‘36 most Illustrious CBS alumni’. She is committed to bringing joy to as many people as possible by sharing her inspiring journey from finance executive to a successful fitness entrepreneur.

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Audiences in the past have enjoyed Runjhun’s perspective on the Fundamentals of Happiness, Achieving Dreams and  The Search for Passion (Looking Within).